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This Wikia is all about fights. Fights, fights, and more fights. We've got animal fights, fast food fights, school fights, and the main attraction SUBWAY FIGHTS!!! And best of all most of these videos take place in the best city-NYC!!! So come check out this page and enjoy some fantastic fighting!!!

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Who doesn't like a good fight now and then- especially when you're not a part of it! Fighing is one of America's favorite past-times. It helps us share our opinions,release our anger, and in the end become closer. Many people say that it is bad to fight or to support one if it's about nonsense, but what if you're standing up for yourself, someone else, or for a belief. We want to hear what YOU think! Please feel free to share opinion in the comment section-maybe there'll even be a fight!!!

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One of our classics: the Sharkeisha Fight